Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trip to SETLA 2009

This is me and my friends at the SETLA 2009 Conference in Charleston! We represented Jefferson and Berkley Counties at the Special Education Leadership Conference at the Embassy Suites in Charleston, WV. It was a week of non-stop learning! We were up and eating breakfast at 7:00 am and finished with dinner at 7:00 pm. And, basically, between those two times, except for meals, we were in classes. We learned alot about using technology in the 21st Century Learning environment and we are working on projects throughout the year. It was very tiring--I even went to bed one evening without supper because I was just too tired and in too much pain (shoulder/neck injury from carrying too much stuff a few weeks earlier). But it was WELL worth it! Can't wait to put some of what we learned into practice in the classroom!

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